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About Chef Emily

ChefEmily (23K) Chef Emily

I read about food. I talk about food. I dream about food. I secretly stock the freezers of new parents with mini cumin-scented meatloaves, mild Indian kormas and tiny blobs of cilantro pesto. I make baskets of gingery carrot muffins for neighbors laid-up with brand-new knees. I throw dinner parties “just because."

I braise lamb shanks, simmer lentil stews, and shred, mince, dice, wilt and sauté all manner of fresh vegetables. I toast nuts, crumble fragrant cheeses, and whisk tangy, herbal salad dressings.

(Just ask my husband: in our ten years together, I have rarely repeated a meal.)

Okay, I confess that I was a lawyer in a "previous life," but I have finally acknowledged what I love doing and what I do best: feeding people with care, creativity and enthusiasm.

I am so excited about sharing my love of cooking with you, bringing wholesome, flavorful food to your dinner table, and taking the "what's for dinner" dilemma Off Your Plate.