Diverse and tasty meals

About the service

  • No more fighting the post-work masses at the grocery store
  • No more menu planning or repetitive nights of spaghetti…and more spaghetti…
  • No more greasy take-out or lackluster frozen entrees
  • No more cooking or major kitchen clean-up
  • Enjoy a wide variety of custom-designed entrees and side dishes
  • Look forward to homemade dinners, ready for you to heat and enjoy the moment you get home
  • Enjoy more free time for doing the things you enjoy, and spending time with friends and family
  • Feel confident that you are feeding yourself and your family real food, prepared with care
What is a Personal Chef Service?

A personal chef comes to your home once or twice a month and prepares several delicious, healthy (or indulgent!) meals based on what you like to eat.

What's the process, exactly…?

As your personal chef, I perform all of the required shopping and arrive at your home on your scheduled cook day with the freshest ingredients and all necessary kitchen equipment ready to prepare the dinners you have selected.

You can leave me a key in a secure location, we can arrange a meeting in advance at which you provide a spare key, you can meet me at the door if your schedule allows; you need not be home while I cook (in fact, an empty house is preferable for my concentration and I do tend to thoroughly occupy the entire kitchen…).

While you're at work I'm flying around your kitchen working my magic, cooking enough entrées and side dishes to feed your family for days (or even weeks, depending on your selected package). I store the meals in your refrigerator or freezer, leaving detailed heating instructions.

When I leave, the kitchen is clean. Your fridge and freezer are stocked. All you do each evening is add some simple finishing touches and sit down to a great meal in the comfort of your own home.