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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who uses a personal chef service?

A personal chef service is appropriate for all sorts of people from all walks of life:

  • Dual-career couples
  • New parents
  • Busy single parents
  • Busy, active seniors
  • People with disabilities
  • Career-focused singles who don’t enjoy ‘cooking for one’
  • Post-surgery patients returning home
  • Anyone who desires more free time and loves great tasting meals

How does this service work?

Step 1: Contact me via phone, email or this website and I will respond within 1-2 business days to assess how I can best meet your needs. After we talk-- in-person or over the phone-- about your tastes and preferences, I will craft a couple of sample menus to share with you.

Once we finalize your personalized menu we will book your first cook date.

Step 2: I will perform all of the necessary shopping and arrive at your home on your cook date with the freshest ingredients and my tools, ready to start cooking! (Most clients are very busy: you do not need to be at home on your cook date. In fact, an empty house is preferable for my concentration!)

Cooking and cleanup may take anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on your menu. You will arrive home to a sparkling-clean kitchen and a well-stocked fridge and freezer. An organized, printed menu including heating instructions will be waiting for your reference.

Step 3: Follow the quick finishing instructions to heat your meals.

So…you cook all of the meals…in my kitchen? While I’m not home…?

Yes, indeed. State law requires that all food preparation of this nature be performed in the client’s home. I am licensed and insured through the United States Personal Chef Association. I am also extremely nice. You have nothing to fear.

What exactly will I eat?

Your menu is entirely up to you!

I take the time to listen to you (and welcome your feedback) so I only create meals you and your family look forward to and relish. During and after your initial consultation, we will work together to refine your menu until it is right. I am glad to cook favorite family recipes or prepare dishes you’ve always wanted to sample. The fare can be homey or exotic, the flavors simple or complex. My goal is to ensure you are eating the food you want to eat.

How will my meals be stored?

The choice of storage container is also up to you. I will use your own storage containers, if appropriate, but you can request that I provide disposable or semi-reusable containers ($10 per cook date). I will encourage repeat clients to purchase (or allow me to purchase) reusable Pyrex containers for their personal use (which are more environmentally-friendly and less expensive over time).

So, I just…reheat?

Yes. The entrees and side dishes should be heated using the approximate heating instructions I provide. Heating instructions are approximate because all ovens and microwaves vary in performance. I recommend you purchase a meat thermometer so that you can accurately determine when a dish has been heated to the correct temperature. If you’re comfortable in the kitchen, I may leave an uncooked item (such as a fish entree or, perhaps, a marinating steak) with finishing instructions so that the item is enjoyed at the peak of flavor.

Can you accommodate my special dietary needs?

Of course I can. I do charge an additional $30 per session for specialized diets that require extraordinary research (such as vegan, South Beach, Atkins, doctor-ordered diets, etc.). There is no charge for more conventional specialty diets such as low-fat, low-salt or vegetarian diets.

How Do I Pay? Am I locked in for a period of time?

A check for the personal chef service is required in advance of your first chef day. Payment is required in advance because I am reserving a scheduled date for you. At the end of each chef day, I will leave your next proposed menu along with a bill for the groceries from that day’s service plus your subsequent chef fee, due at the next chef day. Some clients prefer to pay my chef fee and estimated grocery costs in advance, and I'm glad to maintain a client's "account" in this manner.

Although I love regular clients, there is never an obligation to continue my service. If you prefer not to schedule a subsequent chef day right away, simply pay for that day’s groceries and contact me again when you’re ready to resume service.

The service fees quoted to you at our initial meeting are valid for one year from that date, after which they may be subject to change.

Can I afford this?

Absolutely! Check out my pricing page.